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Biography Project

Mr. Smith's First Grade Class

words from our biography project

1politician _____a nonfiction study of a single person
2inventor _____personal recollections and memories
3athlete _____a political leader who was involved in influencing public policy and decision making
4integrity _____someone who creates something new
5autobiography _____a self-written biography
6explorer _____a famous sportsperson
7writer _____dealing with the past
8biography _____someone who makes poetry, novels, or plays
9civil rights leader _____someone who performs in a movie, TV show or play
10scientist _____someone who discovers a new land or country
11musician _____firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values
12actor _____someone who writes and/or performs music
13history _____someone who deals with science and research
14memoir _____someone who is concerned with the welfare and and rights of people

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