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aesth ray, spoke of wheel
arch loosen, untie
a, an blood
semi rule
holo trade
crat, critic half
archae ancient, beginning
seg,sec sacred
morb thousand
reg, rect, rig foot
it, is, itis whole
quad twist or bend
plic, pli, plex roll
machy rule
lysis inflammation
radi, radic belief
sangui move
mit, miss sick or ill
mov, mob, mot feeling or perception
penta five
sinu four
latry feeling
neur worship
oct eight
taph having qualities of, resembling
dox six
ose of or like sugar
medi cut
ver fight, war
sacr, sacer not, without
pod, ped bend or fold
kilo middle
volv send, let go
merc tomb
saccar/o truth
hex rule

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