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the age of exploration

magnetic compass, astrolabe, caravel and Mercator projection map  A fortress city in the northwestern part of South America during the Incas time period
quipus  Record keeping system
terrace farming  Explorer who finds the new world
vertical climate  Farming on steps in the mountains
mercantile  A trading network which brought slaves and other goods were carried between Africa, England, the west indies and the colonies
monopoly  Tools used to help explores sail.
encomiendas  geographic features
small pox  The theory and system when economy starts to incline after the decline in feudalism in Europe
triangular trade  Explorer from Portugal who reaches India
middle passage  A grant of land made by Spain to settlers in the Americas
cash crops  A disease, kills about half of native population
Andes, Amazon and the cape of good hope  Control over the production and distribution of certain goods
Machu Picchu  Spanish Muslims
Moors  When climate changes with altitude
Creoles  Whites from new world
Mestizos  Explorer who worked for England
Dias One parent native american, one parent white
Da Gama  When they only grow one crop for trading purposes
Christopher Columbus  Conquers the Aztecs
Magellan Explorer from Portugal who reaches south Africa
Drake  one leg of the triangular trade that brought slaves to North America and South America
Cortez  Explorer who works for Spain and finds the straits of Magellan

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