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597/587 B.C mass production
164 Herod the Great takes power
332 B.C Hebrew
A.D 70 alexander the great conquers palestine and brings hellenization
167 BC commemorates the exodus deliverance from egypt in the days of moses
539 B.C The Day of Atonment only day to fast
63 B.C New Testament books written in Aramaic
37 B.C Antiochus Epiphanes slaughters the pig in the temple
scriptorium people of the land
palimpsest Cyrus issues the cyrus edict and sends everyone home
koine Judas Maccabeus cleanses the temple
Greek greek dialect
Latin festival of tents - most popular
Targum Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians
Aramaic  Celebration of lights rededication of the temple
Yom Kippur similar to thanksgiving
Tabernacles romans take over palestine
Hanukkah preferred language
Am-Ha-Arez forced upon by roman government
Pentecost rescrape or erase
Passover Jerusalem Falls to the romans and they destroy the temple

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