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Vocab Matcher

Lizzie Suschana and Josh Shrair

quotidian stagger backwards
radiant form judgments through logic
ratiocinate say something again
rancid stop oneself from doing
raze reset or fix to check accuracy
recalcitrant refuse to accept of be associated with
recalibrate formidable
recapitulate enjoy something
rectify provide or make something's status
redact summarize the main points of
redoubtable edit
redress restoration of something
reel occurring everyday
refrain completely destroy
reiterate uncooperative towards authority
relish lacking care or attention
render make something right
remiss glowing or shinning brightly
repose smelling or tasting bad
reprehensible drive backwards
repudiate remedy or set right
repulse deserving condemnation
requsition official claim of property or materials
restitution  temporary rest

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