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Week 4 Product List


Generic Names

1ADAPTA _____Alcohol derivative
2ATC _____Blend of dimmer and trimmer fatty acids
3Calcium Chloride _____Ca(OH)2
4COLDTROL _____CaCl2
5DEEP-TREAT _____Sodium petroleum sulfonate
6DRILTREAT _____Organophilic Leonardite
7DURATONE HT _____Organophilic clay
8EZ MUL _____Blend of oxidized tall oil and polyaminated fatty acid
9FACTANT _____Sulfonate sodium salt
10GELTONE II _____Copolymer
11INVERMUL _____Polyaminated fatty acid
12LE SUPERMUL _____Modified fatty acid
13LIME _____Highly concentrated tall oil derivative
14OMC _____Organophilic clay
15RHEMOD L _____Polyaminated fatty acid
16RM-63 _____Modified fatty acid ester
17SUSPENTONE _____Lecithin liquid dispersion
18TEMPERUS _____Modified fatty acid

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