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Constitutional Privisions


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Advice and Consent Congress has the power to make all needed laws so they can carry out their duties
Bill of Rights Congress has power to tax and spend as necessary to promote the general welfare
Civil Rights Amendments States must respect the laws and court decisions of other states
Commity Clause Gov't can't search anyone, their home, or their papers without a warrant showing just cause
Commerce Clause No one can be tried without protections like not having to testify against yourself, being tried more than once for a crime, and the gov't has to follow procedural protections
Contracts Clause States can't deny anyone within it equal protection under its laws
Due Process Clause Amendments protecting personal rights
Equal Protection States can't pass taxes on Imports or Exports unless they're absolutely necessary for inspection of the same
Establisment States can't pass any law impairing or reducing the obligations in a contract
Free Exercise Person has right to speedy, public trial, jury of their peers, witnesses to appear on their behalf, and a lawyer
Freedom of Speech and the Press Congress makes the rules about interstate and foreign commerce and trading
Full Faith and Credit Congress can't establish a religion
General Welfare Congress makes the rules about interstate and foreign trade
Import/Export Congress can't pass laws that inhibit free speech or freedom of the press
Interstate Commerce President appoints all officers not listed in Constitution with advice and consent of senate
Necessary and Proper Congress can decide what taxes are needed to pay for the defense and general welfare of the US
Privileges and Immunities Congress can't pass any law that favors a religion or prohibits free exercise of a religion
Search and Seizure Women can vote the same as men
Speedy Trial President has power to make treaties with other countries but the Senate must ratify it by 2/3 before it becomes law
Spending Prohibiting Slavery, making all US residents at the time citizens, allowing black vote
Supremacy Gov't can't take someone's property unless they pay a fair price for it
Takings Citizens of each state have all the same privileges and immunities as citizens of every state
Treaty Laws and Decisions of a State must be respected and followed (as much as possible) by all other states
Trial by Jury The Constitution, laws made according to it, and treaties are the supreme law of the land
Women's Suffrage Person has right to trial by jury for suits greater than $20

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