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Constitutional Numbers


Practice practice practice

Advice and Consent 4th Amend.
Bill of Rights Art. II, Sect. 2, C. 2
Civil Rights Amendments Art. VI, Sect. 2
Commity Clause Amend. 13-15
Commerce Clause 1st Amend.
Contracts Clause Amend. 5, 14
Due Process Clause 19th Amend.
Equal Protection Art. 1 Sect. 8, C. 1
Establisment Art. IV Sect. 1
Free Exercise Art. 1 Sect. 10, C. 1
Freedom of Speech and the Press Amend. 1-10
Full Faith and Credit 6th Amend.
General Welfare Art. IV Sect. 2, C. 1
Import/Export 14th Amend.
Interstate Commerce 5th Amend.
Necessary and Proper Art. II, Sect. 2, C. 2
Privileges and Immunities 1st Amend.
Search and Seizure 1st Amend.
Speedy Trial Art. 1 Sect. 8, C. 3
Spending Art. 1 Sect. 8, C. 1
Supremacy Art. 1 Sect. 8, C. 3
Takings Art. 1 Sect. 10, C. 2
Treaty Art. IV Sect. 1
Trial by Jury 7th Amend.
Women's Suffrage Art. 1 Sect. 8, C. 18

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