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Treasure Island

1Starboard _____a temporary rank held by young naval officers in training
2Port side _____an armed naval vessel
3Scoundrel _____A fore and aft rigged sailing vessel with two masts, main and mizzen, the mizzen being stepped forward of the rudder post.
4Quartermaster _____the cargo space in the hull of a vessel esp between the lowermost deck and the bottom
5Ketch-rigged _____a prison
6Man-o-war _____front part of a vessel
7Nautical chain _____the largest boat carried by a merchant sailing vessel
8Marooned _____the right-hand side of or direction from a vessel or aircraft facing forward
9Deck _____ the part of the upper deck of a ship between the stern and the mast nearest it
10Mast _____a petty officer having charge of a ship's helm and its navigating apparatus
11Stern _____a nautical unit of length (15 ft)
12Aft _____a spar or structure rising above the hull and upper portions of a ship to hold sails spars rigging etc
13Crow's Nest _____the after part (rear) of a vessel
14Boatswain _____a space allotted for a ship to dock or lie at anchor a safe distance as between a vessel and the shore
15Forehold _____a tale esp a long story of adventure or incredible happenings
16Berth _____cut off or left behind
17Scullion _____the forward part of the hold of a ship
18Stockade _____close to or toward the stern of a ship
19Prow and/or Bow _____a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen
20Hold _____An unscrupulous ruthless or unethical person
21Yarn _____platform for a lookout at or near the top of a mast
22Longboat _____any of various platforms built into a vessel
23Cuthroats _____Servant of lower class who cleans pots and kettles and does other menial services in the kitchen
24Blow hard _____A person who talks too much or too loudly especially in a boastful or self-important manner
25Midshipman _____left side of a ship
26Quarter-Deck _____high exposed deck at the stern of a ship (with cabins below)
27Poop Deck _____an unprincipled, dishonorable person; villain

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