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GRE Vocab Practice

V Moore

Prosaic unemotional
Phlegmatic lacking money
Probity having keen discernment
Quixotic inevitable
Quotidian radiant, shiny, brilliant
Hubris one who attacks traditional conventions
Immutable taken as a given
Inimical to question or oppose
Credulous controversial, aggressive attack
Salubrious calm, sluggish, unemotional
Specious excessively thrifty, ungenerous
Obdurate adherence to highest principles, confirmed integrity
Opprobrium inappropriate
Mendacity overbearing, arrogance
Infelicitous commonplace, occurring daily
Iconoclast expressive and especially plaintive quality, sound
Inchoate being untruthful
Evanescent detestable
Aver unyielding, intractable
Penurious hidden, difficult to understand, obscure
Approbation cleanse of something offensive or erroneous
Axiomatic doubtful authenticity, spurious
Exigent urgent, requiring immediate attention
Fulminate make less dense, thin, refine
Ingenuous not capable of change
Obviate serenely mild, favorable
Paean denounce
Perspicacious destroyed, cut out, exscind
Impecunious promoting health and well-being
Demur trifling, inconsequential: having no force
Avarice tending to disappear, like vapor
Chary foolishly impractical, lofty romantic ideals
Cogent to anticipate and prevent, make unnecessary
Choleric plausible but false
Extirpated damaging, harmful
Senescence eager, willingness
Expurgate wary, cautious, sparing
Benignant greed
Inveterate make pale or feeble
Execrable diligent, persistent, hardworking
Stolidity appealing forcibly to the mind or reason, convincing
Invidious expression of approval
Plangent hot-tempered, angry
Nugatory initial stage, not fully formed
Sidereal keen, perceptive
Etiolated song or hymn of praise
Ineluctable deep rooted, ingrained, habitual
Augury astral
Alacrity causes discontent, animosity or envy
Apocryphal artless, lacking in sophistication
Polemical dull, lacking in imagination or romance
Sedulous omen, portent
Trenchant believe readily, gullible
Rarefy state as fact
Recondite disgrace, contempt, scorn
Refulgent State of being old, aging

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