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GRE Vocab 2

V Moore

Euphony song sung by sailors
Obfuscate deliberately make difficult to understand
Abstemious thoroughness
Blithe lecherous, erotic
Crepuscular scholarly explanation
Abstruse concerned with the body
Debility encumbrance, nightmarish thing
Obstreperous fitting, suitable
Hoary spacious
Obviate free spirited
Etymology speed
Rigor lowest point
Demur comic play, lampoon
Sagacious type of fishing net
Exegesis weakness, incapacity
Salacious study of word origins
Capacious lack of honesty or integrity
Salutary left handed
Turpitude noisy and boisterous
Tyro pleasant sounds
Sanguinary transparently clear
Sanguine oily, using excessive flattery
Unctuous traitor
Incipient depravity
Celerity active at dawn and dusk
Somatic wise
Desultory optimistic, cheerful; blood red or bloody
Improbity novice
Assay remedy
Discrete prudent
Discreet close, bring to a vote
Jibe art of preaching
Cloture difficult to understand
Syncopation aimless
Pundit prophetess
Apposite avoid, make unnecessary
Maculated teaches a lesson, beneficial
Quisling self denying
Sedulity old
Seine agree with, compliment, match up
Burlesque expert
Homiletics hesitate, refuse; or to question, object
Incubus try, assess purity
Nostrum something unaccountable, freak
Sibyl thoroughness, perseverance
Limpid bloodthirsty, bloody
Epithet rhythm missing a beat
Chantey  a label, name to express essential nature
Vagary spotted
Nadir just beginning
Sinistral separate, disconnected

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