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Week 10 Test

Melanie Wilcox

Qualm associate as a member
Curiosity causing death
Incident admit to wrongdoing
Exile forced removal from one's country
Crummy excessive bleeding
Apiece lawful, according to accepted standards
Fugitive failing to give proper attention or care
Juvenile payment foe service, loss, or expense
Affiliate lacking energy or spirit
Sober branch of medicine dealing with mental disorders
Psychiatry each, individually
Confess young, immature, youthful
Listless desire to know, inquisitive interest
Analgesic an occurrence or event; happening
Concoct one who tires to escape, runaway
Negiligent not drunk, serious
Compensation Feeling of uneasiness, doubt, or fear
Legitimate lousy, miserable, or worthless
Fatal create by combining various ingredients
Hemorrhage something used to reduce pain

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