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GRE Vocab 3

V Moore

Malediction curse
Fallacious not advisable
Diffident slow, falling behind
Malefactor uncultured person
Dilatory obscure
Prodigious false
Fatuous through, diligent
Fecund conspicuous; obviously bad (or good)
Profundity depth
Felicitous frolic, leap, bound
Ineffable person who believes in strict discipline
Disapprobation stubborn
Martinet wrong doers
Circumlocution easily angered
Circumscribe talks a lot
Inexorable very large
Inexpedient calm, imperturbable
Proscribe not developed
Prosody fertile
Pathos proud and haughty
Arcane weaken
Discursiveness relentless
Paucity extremely patriotic, nationalistic
Protean study of verse
Venal corrupt, can be bribed
Venial hater of women
Assiduous evoking sadness or pity
Pellucid in a commanding manner
Punctilious contradict
Vestigial generous
Percipient growing, immature
Misogynist silly
Attenuate mislead, lure, enchant
Peremptory belief in equality
Gambol link together
Concatenate on point of death
Querulous apt, appropriate
Moribund lover of luxury
Garrulous always complaining
Irascible large number
Voluble long winded, indirectness
Munificent smelling of, giving off odors; strongly reminiscent of
Germinal talkative
Myriad transparently clear
Beguile minor, unimportant, forgivable
Egalitarianism war-like, aggressive
Egregious shortage
Belie paying attention to small details
Gratuitous forbid
Supercilious cannot be expressed in words
Bellicose lacking confidence
Philistine limit
Redolent changeable
Jingoistic disapproval
Phlegmatic unwarranted
Contumacious long-windedness
Sybarite perceptive, insightful

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