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GRE Vocab 4

V Moore

Abjure beg, solicit
Peripatetic dogmatic, bias
Concatenation frat, discontented
Feckless renounce
Meretricious nomadic
Repine bribe
Mettlesome spirited
Puissance still in existence
Stygian challenged, called into question
Volubility feeble, helpless, lacking initiative
Ellipsis expressed tersely
Hortatory linking into chains
Encomium work which imitates
Minatory disgusting
Runic power
Anachronistic excess talkativeness
Aphoristic occurring in the wrong time period
Extant get by begging
Impugned without effort or trickery, simple
Raconteur omission of essential words
Baleful threatening
Iniquitous true to life
Epistemology very dark
Froward praise
Verisimilar encouraging, exhorting
Cadge evil, unjust
Noisome falsely attractive, tawdry
Pastiche theory of knowledge
Lugubrious evil
Artless true
Suborn stubborn, wayward
Tendentious person who relates a story
Abscission sad, gloomy
Importune magical
Veracious cutting, process causing leaves to fall

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