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GRE Vocab 5

V Moore

Asperity outline, indicate
Malapropism science concerned with perception and awareness
Heterodox something similar
Syllogism ineffective
Vicissitude puzzle with picture clues
Vitiate reappearance of ancestral traits, regression
Prolixity use of similar sounding but incorrect word
Rebus appease, try to gain favor
Vulpine something worthless, impurities leftover
Inerrancy opening move, transaction
Platitude infallibility, inability to make mistakes
Epigram not intended to be taken seriously
Phenomenology unattractive
Dross witty person
Panegyric speak or write at great length
Tare gap, missing part
Unprepossessing using harsh or critical tone
Cant unoriginal, obvious saying
Lacuna type of logical reasoning
Pied weed; allowance made for container in weighing
Analogue unexpected change in fortune
Descry multicolored
Facetious insincere talk
Wag state of inactivity, disuse
Atavism speech praising someone
Gambit to see, catch sight of
Propitiate wordiness
Inefficacious short witty saying
Adumbrate true, genuine
Veritable like a fox
Expatiate impair, blemish, weaken
Abeyance unorthodox

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