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Middle Ages And Renaissance Music


Mostly for History 2 Music

Ordo Virtutum (The Play of the Virtues) Machaut: Mass
Symphony of the Harmony of Celestial Revelations Susato
Ce Fut En Mai (In Early May) Josquin: Chanson
Puis Qu'en Oubli (Since I am Forgotten) Hildegard de Bingen: Songs
Ma fin est mon commencement Palestrina: Mass
Messe de Nostre Dame (Mass of Our Lady) Farmer: English Madrigal
Ave Maria... Virgo Serena Hildegard de Bingen: Morality Play
Missa La Sol Fa Re Mi Machaut: Rondeau
Mille Regretz Josquin: Mass
Mille Regretz from Danserye Machaut: Chanson (Rondeau)
Pope Marcellus Mass Josquin: Motet
Moro Lasso Al Mio Duolo Gesualdo; Italian Madrigal
Sacred Canticles D'Arras: Trouvere Chanson
Fair Phyllis I was sitting all alone Gesualdo: Vocal Music

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