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Baroque Period Music


For History 2 Music People

Alceste Handel: Masque
Iphigenia in Aylos Handel: Sacred Vocal Music (3)
Iphegenia in Taurus Monteverdi: Opera Seria (1)
Orfeo ed Euridice J.S. Bach: Cantata (2)
A un giro sol J.S. Bach: Keyboard Music (3)
Vespers Handel: Opera Seria (5)
Cantate Domine Scarlatti: Keyboard Music (3)
Arianna Monteverdi: Motet
Orfeo Purcell: Masque (1)
The Coronation of Poppea J.S. Bach Oratorio (5)
Il ritorno d'Ulisse (The Return of Ulysses) Handel: Opera Seria (6)
Dido and Aeneas Purcell: Masque (2)
The Fairy Queen Handel: Orchestral Suite (2)
The Tempest Handel: Oratorio (1)
Abdelazar (The Moor's Revenge) J.S. Bach: Cantata (1)
Cantata No.80 "Ein feste Burg" Purcell: Opera Seria
Cantata No.140: Wachet Auf Gluck: Opera Seria (4)
Peasant  Handel: Opera Seria (1)
Coffee Handel: Oratorio (5)
St. Matthew's Passion J.S. Bach Oratorio (4)
St. John Passion J.S. Bach: Secular Cantata
St. Luke Passion Handel: Sacred Vocal Music (1)
St. Mark Passion Handel: Oratorio (8)
Christmas Oratorio Handel: Orchestral Suite (1)
Mass in B minor J.S. Bach Oratorio (3)
Magnificat  J.S. Bach: Keyboard Music (2)
The Well-Tempered Clavier J.S. Bach: Secular Cantata
Goldberg Variations Handel: Opera Seria (3)
Italian Concerto J.S. Bach: Keyboard Music
English Suites/French Suites Handel: Oratorio (3)
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue Monteverdi: Madrigal
The Art of Fugue Handel: Opera Seria (2)
Brandenburg Concerto Handel: Oratorio (2)
A Musical Offering J.S. Bach: Sacred Vocal Music
Almira Concerto Grosso
Rinaldo Chamber Music
Orlando Scarlatti: Keyboard Music (1)
Guilio Cesare (Julius Caesar) J.S. Bach Oratorio (2)
Agrippina J.S. Bach: Keyboard Music (5)
Radamisto Monteverdi: Opera Seria (2)
Messiah  Monteverdi: Opera Seria (4)
Solomon Purcell: Incidental Music
Samson Handel: Oratorio (7)
Judas Maccabeus Handel: Oratorio (6)
Esther J.S. Bach Oratorio (1)
Belshazzar J.S. Bach: Mass
Israel in Egypt Gluck: Opera Seria (1)
Jeptha Handel: Opera Seria (4)
Saul J.S. Bach: Keyboard Music (6)
Ode for the Birthday Queen Anne Handel: Sacred Vocal Music (2)
Ode for St. Cecilia's Day Scarlatti: Keyboard Music (2)
Utrecht Te Deum Handel: Oratorio (9)
Acis and Galatea Monteverdi: Sacred Vocal Music
Water Music J.S. Bach: Keyboard Music (4)
Music for the Royal Fireworks Monteverdi: Opera Seria (3)
The Harmonious Blacksmith Gluck: Opera Seria (3)
Esercizi per graviembalo Gluck: Opera Seria (2)
Sonata in F minor K481 Handel: Oratorio (4)
Sonata in D major K430 Handel: Keyboard Music

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