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Classical Period Music Matching


For History 2 Music Matching.

London  Missing phrase2 - 12
Salomon Mozart String Quartet
Paris Missing phrase2 - 48
Clock Missing phrase2 - 50
Surprise Mozart Symphony
Farewell Missing phrase2 - 2
Military Missing phrase2 - 11
Armida Missing phrase2 - 32
Mass in Time of War Mozart Mass
Lord Nelson Mass Beethoven Song Cycle
Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons) Missing phrase2 - 9
Die Shopfug (The Creation( Missing phrase2 - 18
The Seven Last Words of Christ Mozart Serenade
Haffner Missing phrase2 - 30
Linz Missing phrase2 - 14
Jupiter Beethoven Symphony
Prague  Missing phrase2 - 16
Idomeneo Missing phrase2 - 37
La Clemenza di Tito Haydn Symphony
The Marriage of Figaro Mozart Opera Buffa
Don Giovanni Beethoven Opera
Cosi fan Tutte (Women are like that) Missing phrase2 - 34
Die Zauberflote (Magic Flute) Missing phrase2 - 46
The Abduction from the Seraglio Schubert Song Cycle
Eine Klein Nachtmusik  Schubert String Quartet
Dissonance Haydn Mass
Rondo alla Turca Missing phrase2 - 35
Requiem Schubert Lied
Eroica Mozart Keyboard Music
Pastoral Missing phrase2 - 6
Choral Beethoven Mass
Egmont Haydn Opera
Lenore Schubert Symphony
Waldstein Missing phrase2 - 4
Appassionata Missing phrase2 - 15
Pathetique Missing phrase2 - 29
Moonlight Missing phrase2 - 23
Tempest Haydn Oratorio
Hammerklavier  Missing phrase2 - 5
Emperor Beethoven Piano Sonata
Fidelio Missing phrase2 - 21
Missa Solemnis Beethoven Chamber Music
An die ferne gelievte (To the Distant Beloved) Missing phrase2 - 3
Archduke Trio Beethoven Piano Concerto
The Unfinished Beethoven Overture
The Twin Brothers Missing phrase2 - 20
Alfonso und Estrella Missing phrase2 - 1
Erlkonig Missing phrase2 - 38
Heidenroslein Mozart Opera Seria
Winterreise Mozart Singspiel
Die Schone Mullerin (The lovely maid of the mill) Schubert Opera
Death and the Maiden Missing phrase2 - 36

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