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Unit 1 Vocabulary

Terrence Hansby

Terms for Unit 1

1Geography  _____the position of a place relative, or in comparison, to another place
2 trend  _____how humans interact with the environment
3Climate  _____an artificial lake where water is collected for use
4Census _____a long period of dryness that causes damage to crops or prevents their successful growth
5Drought _____one who moves from place to place with no permanent home
6precipitation _____a general movement toward change over the course
7reservoir _____moisture that falls from the sky in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail
8landform _____a geographical area characterized by shared features
9relative location  _____the study of the, earth, its physical features, and its peoples
10absolute location  _____a periodic count of the population
11physical environment  _____the expected weather conditions at a place, usually over a period of years
12migrate _____to move from one place to another
13region _____a feature of the earth’s surface, such as a hill, valley, river, or plain
14human-environment relationship _____the external surroundings and conditions in which something exists
15Nomad _____the exact position of a place on the earth

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