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Vocab Words Week 36-38 our of 1100 Words You Need To Know

Amanda McGregor

ignominious one side or view of person or situation
perfidious happy
depict in close relationship to, appropriate
acme a certain form or style in painting or literature
venial morally bad, disagreeable, offensive
degrade choice, willpower
ingratiate use or give a reason other than the real one
procrastinate unsophisticated, unworldly
reticent deceptive adroitness, sleight of hand
iconoclast false, treacherous
servile not started, understood, implied
confront repulsive, distasteful
austere beginning to develop or exist
nascent attacker of beliefs, image-breaker
vehemently  put off, delay
dexterity strong dislike, persistent fear
tenable surplus, excessive
repugnant old-fashioned,outmoded
superflous lower, make contemptible
epitome disgraceful, humiliating
unsavory general direction
candid open, frank, honest
fatal passionatly, violently, eagerly
penury physical or mental skill
foist reply, answer
genre inactive, dull, motionless
halcyon unadorned, simple, hard
erudite charm, win confidence
legerdemain person or thing that represents the best
homogeneous curing or healing process
glib leading, helpful
trend uniform, same
malleable reserved silent
audacity come face to face with
capitulate poverty
grotesque submissive, slavish
compassion calm, peaceful
passe plentiful, abundant, ample
facet portray, picture, describe clearly
docile zenith, pinnacle, peak
stigmatize kindness, sympathetic feelings
tacit supportable, defendable
conductive pass as genuine, pass of slyly
copious tease or torment by offering something good, but fail to deliver
volition provoke, stimulate, inspire
sojourn fantastic, strange, bizarre
stagnant daring, boldness
covet smooth of speech
antipathy easy to manage
chicanery to mark with disgrace
motivate hate, distaste, dislike
germane  disastrous, deadly
vertigo forgivable, pardonable
therapy underhandness, trickery
felicitous wish, envy, want
phobia dizziness
rationalize very scholarly
tantalize  make terms, surrender
retort temporary stay
naive capable of being formed or shaped

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