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Depression Word Match Puzzle


Questions regarding depression and it's signs and symptoms

1If you had one of these chances of developing it again increases _____Active
2You have a greater chance of Depression if you have a _____Seek Help
3You need to stay this with family and friends _____How I Feel
4Practice this to improve your mood _____Active, Healthy,Positive
5Sign of Depression can be this _____Connected
6I Am  _____Sleep
7Reason for feelings of depression especially as you age _____Women
8This group has a higher percentage of depression _____Worth IT
9When you are depressed you have a decrease in  _____ Me, Myself and I
10You don't feel this when depressed  _____Previous Episode
11You have a loss of interest in these _____Decreased Health
12You must identify this to find meaning in your life _____A Decrease in Energy
13You need 6 to 8 of this to increase mood _____Motivated
14This means going to bed and waking up at same time _____Take My Medicine
15Maintaining this will maintain a depressed mood _____Sleeping Habit
16This can increase or decrease when you are depressed _____Family History
17If you have thoughts of suicide you should do this Immediately _____Hobbies and Activities
18Depression can cause an increase in these feelings _____Purpose
19It's important to stay this to help improve your mood _____Appetite
20You have control over _____Energy
21It is important to do this every day at the same time _____Positive Thinking
22Who's responsible for your improving mood _____Pains and Hurts
23What things are important for improving mood _____Negative Thinking

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