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Health Care Information Technology

Matching word Definition puzzle

1SDLC _____Dissatisfied staff, broken processes, falling revenue
2Stakeholders _____Process for developing applications
3Physician Champion / Business Sponsor _____Radiology, Pathology, Cardiology are examples of
4HIPAA _____Federal regulation which applies to electronic transmission of ePHI
5CMS _____A document produced and given to vendors for project work
6interoperabilty _____Data within an EMR or EHR can be broken into 2 types
7Disparate _____Inidivual who is requesting the project software
8HI-tech Act _____Security assigned by position within a system rather than by individual user
9Role Based security _____Federal department which manages Medicare and Medicaid programs
10Ancillary Services _____the ability of diverse systems and organizations to work together
11Administrative / Patient _____Group of indiviudal who have vested interest in the project
12Data Quality Model _____A road map or list of steps that a hospital will take to achieve a goal
13Business Owner _____The Manager or team lead with responsibility of a department or service
14RFP _____Data contained within 2 systems which have no relation to each order
15External Pressure _____Accuracy / Accessibility / Consistency / Reliability
16Internal Pressure _____inadequate training, slow support, ignored customer requirements
17Strategic Plan _____Federal government rules dictating patient privacy (paper or electronic)
18Barriers to adoption _____Market trends, vendors and word of mouth

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