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Float Whale Dialga
Ogre Darner Uxie
Lighthouse Blaziken/Charizard...
Disaster Vaporeon
Electric Mouse Suicune
Aurora Linoone
Renegade Entei
Spatial Absol
Temporal Ho-Oh
Emotion Jirachi
Willpower Latias/Latios
Rendezvous Giratina
Rushing Umbreon
Mud Fish Wailord
Caring Mudkip
Blaze Spheal
Seed Alomomola
Ball Roll Ampharos
DNA Yanmega
Sky High Raikou
Wish Azelf
Eon Palkia
Shadow Espeon
Sun Luvdisc
Bubble Jet Bulbasaur
Thunder Arceus
Volcano Pikachu
Rainbow Rayquaza
Time Travel Deoxys
Alpha Celebi
Knowledge Mesprit

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