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Dem Bones

Lily Zerkle

This puzzle helps you identify the meaning of the bones and their landmarks

1Skeleton Components _____A canal like passage within a bone
2Axial Skeleton _____The Long Axis of the Body, includes the Skull, Hyoid Bone, Spine & Thoracic Cage
3Appendicular Skeleton _____Encloses & protects the brain, is the attachment site for some head & neck muscles
43 Major Functions of Bone Markings _____A broad term for any prominent projection of a bone. A bony prminence
5Tuberosity _____A shallow basin-like depression in bone, often serving as an articular surface
6Crest _____A bondy expansion carried on a narrow neck. A rounded articular projection, often set off from the rest of the bone by a neck. The remainder of these serve as attachment poitns for tendons, ligaments or other connective tissues.
7Trochanter _____Narrow ridge of bone; usually prominent or having a prominent border
8Line _____A round or oval opeing through a bone which allos the passage of a vessel or nerve, through or between bones
9Tubercle _____Coronal Suture, Squamous Suture, Sagittal Suture, & Lambdoid Suture
10Epicondyle _____A sharp, slender, often pointed projection
11Spine _____The raised area on or above the condyle
12Process _____The Appendages of the Body, includes the Upper & Lower Bones the Pectoral & Pelvic Girdles
13Head _____Attachment site for Muscles & Ligaments, Formation of the Joints, & Shows depressions & openings
14Facet _____A relatively large, convex, articular prominence which often articulates with a corresponding fossa
15Condyle _____Bone, Cartilage, Joints & Ligaments
16Foramen _____A narrow ridge of bone; less prominent than a crest.
17Groove _____A line of junction, also referred to as a joint for the meeting of two flat bones
18Fissure _____A very large, blunt, irregularly shaped process
19Notch _____Another name for a furrow in the bone. Also known as a SULCUS, this type of groove accommodates a soft structure such as a blood vessel, nerve or tendon.
20Fossa _____A small, rounded process
21Meatus _____A narrow cleft, deep groove or opening between adjacent parts of a bone & can appear slit-like
22Sinus _____Sphenoid, Temporal (2), Ethmoid, Parietal (2), Occipital & Frontal bones
23Skull _____An air space within certain skull bones which connect into nasal passageways. These cavities are lined with mucous membrane
24Cranium _____A smooth, shallow or flat articular surface
25Suture _____A large, rounded projection; may have a roughened surface
26The 4 Major Cranial Sutures _____An indentation at the edge of a structure or bone
27The 8 bones of the Cranium _____The bones which make up the cranial & facial pieces

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