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Plate Tectonics

Joe Momma

Match the words to the descriptions of the forces that are behind the formation of our varied landscapes.

crust stable,central part of the continent
atmosphere the earth's water
hydrosphere middle layer of the earth
climate substance with only one kind of atoms
plate tectonics melted to form liquid
volcano outer layer of the earth
earthquake low area shaped like a bowl
erosion crack in the outer layer of the earth
brittle formed from cooling magma
mantle transformed by heat and/or pressure
dense sudden movement in the outer layer of the earth
lithosphere Greek root meaning "weak"
litho loose rock particles
astheno wearing away of earth's surface
asthenosphere one plate slides underneath another plate
molten when the lithosphere splits apart
core method of determining the age of rocks
oceanic scientist that studies earth and it's movements
continental two plates moving in the opposite direction
magma smallest part of matter that retains properties of the particle
current air surrounding the earth
divergent boundary a vent in the earth that allows gas and magma to escape
rifting mass of ice and snow
convergent boundary theory of how earth's plates move and interact
subduction spot in a plate where magma rises
transform boundary partially melted rock below earth's surface
fault time it takes for radioactive parent to decay to daughter element
hotspot in or from the ocean
tectonic center of the earth
craton contains crust and upper mantle
igneous rock two plates come together
metamorphic rock semi-molten middle layer of earth
basin tightly packed
sediment a solid breaking under pressure
sedimentary rock average weather over a long period of time
geologist Greek root meaning "stone"
glacier formed by compression of sediments
continental platform part of the craton where ancient rocks are exposed
continental shield constantly moving mass of liquid
radiometric dating relating to the large land masses of earth
element forces that produce movement and change in the earth's crust
atom craton that is covered by sediments and sedimentary rock
half-life two plates slide against each other

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