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Phrasal Verbs!!

Melanie Wilcox

to blow up D. to think of
to take care of V. to get up
to come across Q. to meet by chance
to come up with G. to visit
to cut down on H. to quit
to do over I. to eat at a restaurant
to drop by  C. to find by chance
to drop out of U. to undress
to eat out P. to remove, to throw away
to get along with F. to do again
to look up E. reduce
to make up L. to tell lies, to invent
to pick out R. to use something up
to put off J. to have a good relationship with
to put up with W. to reduce
to get rid of B. to look after
to run into K. to search for, to find
to run out of V. to answer rudely
to set up T. to arrive, to come
to show up N. to delay
to take off A. to explode
to talk back to M. to choose
to turn down O. to stand, to bear
to wake up S. to arrange

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