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Res Isa Loquitur stands for the six elements required to exist in the creation of a contract and in order for a contract to be valid, binding and legally enforceable.
Quantum Meriut  provides that the three branches of the government will not invade the province of each other.
Respondeat Superior  in contract law describes how the offer and acceptance must be identical.
Parol Evidence Rule s a common law doctrine derived from tort law that creates a presumption of liability when someone who was in the custody and control of an instrumentality injured another
Statute of Frauds legal doctrine that can protect the seller of a product because it creates a legal burden on a buyer to be aware of what they are purchasing and take all necessary steps to be sure the product meets the needs of the buyer.
Statute of Limitations provides that the supreme law of the land is set forth in the US Constitution, federal statutes and US Supreme Court decisions.
Doctrine of Separation of Powers  is a common law doctrine that impresses liability on the principal for acts of an agent committed in the scope and course of employment that the principal knew, could have known or should have known the agent was doing.
Doctrine of Supremacy prevents unjust enrichment at the expense of another and is derived from the common law of contracts. Mr. Roofer roofs your home but mistakenly install a different shade of shingle than you selected, a slight difference in color. You refuse to pay. In court if the cost of the job was $40,000- you will be ordered to pay a reasonable sum, about $35,000-.
Delegation Doctrine Mediation and Arbitration, or Mediation only, or Arbitration only.
independent contractor  an option that can be used when creating a contract that does relate ONLY to international sales.
Mirror Image Rule provides that Congress can delegate authority to an administrative government agency.
Caveat Emptor  is a period of time in which one must file a lawsuit (in the clerk of court’s office) and serve the defendant with the lawsuit or the case will be barred.
Res Judicata  once proven shows one of the parties to a case had intentionally defrauded another.
force majeure in tort law means that "but for" conduct of defendant the injuries and/or damages would not have occurred. Example: If Waldo wasn't speeding he could have stopped his car before striking a buzzard, thus "but for" speeding the buzzard would happily flew away and not have been hit.
Nuisance is a common law doctrine that must be adhered to in the five areas of law it relates to in order for a recovery to take place for a party damaged by conduct of another party to the legal transaction.
Alternate Dispute Resolution is a common law doctrine that is alive and well in the legal system today and relates to a property owner protecting her/his property rights when her/his property has been subjected to a nuisance by a government entity, corporate entity, business entity or from a private person.
ICLACO  prevents oral testimony that would contradict any term of a written contract, although this doctrine has some limited exceptions to that rule.
Scienter in law Which legal relationship eliminates the consequences of the Doctrine of Respondeat Superior
SINE QUA NON RULE  a legal doctrine that only relates to criminal law and bars a second prosecution of an accused for an alleged crime that has already been tried to a verdict.

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