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Literary terminology mashup

Mrs Therezien

A fiendishly difficult quiz for literature students.

1sonnet  _____correspondence of sound between words or the endings of words
2novel _____pertaining to the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables, particularly in poetry
3simile _____an indirect reference to something, such as the Bible or a Shakespeare play
4metaphor _____a figurative device used for comparing
5rhyme _____a 14 line poem
6alliteration _____the quality of a literary work that evoke sorrow or pity
7enjambment _____a central character who has one flaw but is otherwise perfect
8end-stopping _____a dramatic device where a character speaks his/her thoughts aloud
9caesura _____when the sound of a word suggests its meaning
10structure _____when a line of poetry flows uninterruptedly into the next
11rhythm _____the use of exaggeration to create an effect
12first person narrator _____using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect
13omniscient narrator _____when the story-teller makes reference to him/herself or addresses the reader directly
14unreliable narrator _____when a story is told from the perspective of a character with the use of 'I'
15self-conscious narrator _____when the audience/reader know something that one or more characters do not know
16personification _____where the same word, phrase or line is used more than once to create an effect
17pathetic fallacy _____a figurative device that endows non-human entities with human characteristics
18objective correlative  _____a figurative device where nature, buildings and such like reflect the mood of the story or a character
19quatrain _____the representation or evocation of a particular emotion by means of symbols that objectify that emotion and are associated with it.
20stanza _____the time and/or place in which a literary work is set
21repetition _____the art of persuasive language
22Romantic literature _____pertaining to a text written in the early part of the 20th Century
23Modern literature _____when there is some kind of punctuation at the end of a line of poetry
24irony _____a strong pause in the body of a line of poetry
25allusion _____the kind of story that ends in the graveyard
26characterisation _____the associations or inferred meaning of a word or phrase
27connotation _____when words begin with the same sound
28dramatic irony _____when the events related in a story are not necessarily 'true'
29hyperbole _____the juxtaposition of two contradictory ideas, such as 'Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health!'
30onomatopoeia _____how a text is built or put together
31oxymoron _____a long work of prose fiction
32pathos _____pertaining to a text written between approximately 1785 and 1825
33rhetoric _____the methods an author uses to construct characters
34setting _____the kind of story that ends with marriage and fertility
35soliloquy _____a figurative device used for substituting a more descriptive, vivid or poetic idea
36tragedy _____a unit of four lines of poetry
37comedy  _____when a story is told by an all-knowing observer
38tragic hero _____a verse of poetry

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