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Cranial Nerves


Connect the correct cranial nerve with its proper function.

Olfactory Innervates trapezius and sternocleidomastoid
Optic Smell
Oculomotor Constricts the pupil and accommodates
Troclear Hears, Regulates balance
Trigeminal Moves the face, tastes, salivates, cries
Abducens Constricts the pupil and accommodates
Facial Constricts the pupil and accommodates
Vestibulocochlear Feels front of head, Chews
Glossopharyngeal Tastes, Swallows, Lifts Soft Palate, Talks
Vagus Sight
Accessory Tastes, Salivates, Swallows
Hypoglossal Innervates tongue

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