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Neuro Terms


Sign slow involuntary writing and twisting movements
Symptoms objective findings
Positive Sign Motor, left side paresis, spasticity, abnormal synergies of movement
Negative Sign muscle weakness
-paresis  loss of ability to conceptualize, plan, and execute the complex sequence of motor actions involving the use of tools or objects in everyday life
-plegia Slowed movement time
Spasticity have difficulty processing information. They tend to be depressed, anxious, cautious and uncertain.
Rigidity muscular incoordination
Dyssynergia undershooting
Clonus Problems terminating a movement
Bradykinesia Loss of pain, temperature, crude touch, kinesthesia
Dysdiadochokinesia repetitive, involuntary, purposeless movements (lip smacking)
Dysmetria Loss of normal behavior
Choreiform series of involuntary, rhythmic, muscular contractions and relaxations
Athetosis Presence of abnormal behaviors
Dystonia subjective findings
Hemiballismus velocity dependent
Dyskinesia (Tardive)  inability to perceive and integrate stimulus on one side of the body or extrapersonal space
Dorsal Column-Medial Lemniscus lesions independent of velocity
Anterolateral (lateral spinal thalamic) lesions Loss of discrimination—light touch, proprioception, kinesthesia, vibration
Ideomotor Cogwheel rigidity, akinesia, bradykinesia, resting tremor
Ideational involuntary, rapid, irregular, and jerky movements
Hemispatial neglect stroke due to release of blood into the extravascular space
Topographical disorientation muscle paralysis
Apraxia stroke due to lack of blood flow
Wernicke's Area sustained muscle contractions, at times can be a co contraction of agonist and antagonist
Broca’s Area inability to remember the relationship of one place in relation to another.
Test for level of consciousness inability to correctly imitate hand gestures and voluntarily pantomime tool use, e.g. pretend to brush one's hair
Ischemia stroke inability to initiate a movement
Hemorrhage stroke Ranchos Los Amigos Scale
Right middle cerebral artery impairments Sensory, fluent speech, receptive, temporal lovve
Left CVA  Repetitive, but constantly varying, large amplitude involuntary movements of the proximal parts of the limbs
Parkinsons Disorder Major Motor, Nonfluent, Expressive Aphasia, frontal lobe
Akinesia  inability to carry-out purposeful movement in the presence of intact sensation, strength, and coordination

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