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Atmosphere Word Search

Travis McDonald Jr.

For Science

11. Deposition _____The process of water changing from a solid directly into a gas.
22. Dew Point  _____Water that has infiltrated (Sunk) into the ground.
33. Evaporation  _____The condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place.
44. Fog _____Water in the atmosphere that is in the form of a gas.
55. Ground Water _____All of the Earth's water that is cycling within the water cycle
66. Hydrosphere _____The process of water evaporating from the leaves of plants during photosynthesis.
77. Meteorologist _____The process of a liquid changing into a gas.
88. Precipitation _____The temperature at which water vapor will start to condense out of the air as liquid water
99. Run Off _____Any type of liquid or solid water that falls to Earth's surface.
1010. Sublimation _____Clouds that form at the surface of the earth.
1111. Transpiration _____Water that flows across the surface of the Earth
1212. Water Cycle _____The process of water vapor changing from a gas directly into a solid.
1313. Water Vapor _____A scientist who studies the atmosphere, weather and climate.
1414. Weather _____The repeating process that moves water in different forms between Earths’s Surface and the atmosphere.
1515. Weather Patterns _____Weather that repeats itself in a predictable way.

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