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Quiz 2

Jackie B

Health Safety

1Heredity _____a distortion and gradual loss of vision due to a muscle imbalance
2Food insecurity _____The appearance of the 1st nonspecific signs of infection
3Presisposition _____protection against all preventable childhood diseases
4Anti-bodies _____transmission of certain genetic material and characteristics from biological parents to child at time of conception
5Convalescen _____The ability to avoid infection or illness
6Preventive health  _____directing an individual to other sources, usually for additional evaluation or treatment
7Immunized _____Paleness
8Deciduous _____special substances produced by the body that help protect against disease
9Immunization _____the nervous system and includes the brain and the spinal cord
10Universal Precautions _____a condition where the pupils appear crossed
11Resilient _____affects the volume of words tones heard. Loud sounds are heard and soft sounds are not heard.
12Incubation _____a type of hearing loss that occurs when sound impulses cannot reach the brain due to damage of the auditory nerve
13Resistance _____when germs are transmitted to the mouth from hands that are contaminated
14Fecal-oral _____a state of becoming resistant to a specific disease through the introduction of living or dead microorganisms.
15Neurological _____the ability to withstand or resist difficulty
16Amblyopia _____Special measures taken when handling bodily fluids including careful hand washing, wearing gloves, disinfecting surfaces and proper disposal of contamination
17Strabismus  _____uncertain or limited access to a reliable food source
18Hyperobia _____(Pink-eye) Direct contact with discharge from the eyes or upper respiratory track
19Ophthalmologist  _____the interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of the first signs of symptoms
20Conductive hearing loss  _____A child’s initial set of teeth
21Conjunctivitis _____having an increased chance to susceptibility
22Hand, foot, mouth  _____ Usually affects children under 10, can cause diarrhea, is spread by direct or indirect contact
23Prodromal _____A physician who specializes in diseases and abnormalities of the eye
24Sensorineural loss  _____farsightedness
25Pallor _____Engaging in behaviors that help to maintain and enhance one’s health status
26Referral _____the stage of recovery from an illness or a disease
27Chronic illness _____frequent or repeated incidences of illness; can also be a permanent status

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