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Rock Cycle

Payton Osborne

Igneous I am a rock that gets crushed up
Sedimetary I am ____ to become a metamorphic rock
Metamorphic I am in a volcano but under the earth
Lava I am the cycle we are studying about
Core I am made when a mineral is rubbed against a rough surface
Compressed The hardest minerale
Rock cycle I am a rock that cools from lava
Magma I erupt
Volcano I am erupted from a volcano
Erosion I am a pressurized Sedimentary rock
Diamond When i make rock into sediements
Mineral I am measured by seeing how hard it is to scratch my surface.
Luster I am the building blocks of rocks.
Streak They way minerals reflect light
Hardness I am a part of the earth, i have 2 parts

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