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Montana Driver's Test Vocabulary

Ms. R

extra lane that allows drivers to accelerate before entering the freeway controlled access highway
Driving when it is more difficult because of weather, light, ice, smoke flashing signal
Device that produces the electricity to recharge the battery  right turn on red
parking a car diagonally to the curb exit ramp
Law that states drivers should drive at a speed that is safe for traffic, roadway, visibility and road conditions  braking distance
Area that side and rearview mirrors cannot show. covering the brake
Percentage of alcohol found in the bloodstream triangle shaped sign
Sudden loss of tire air pressure while driving alternator
istance traveled from the time the brakes are applied until the car is stopped roundabout
Pedal in a stickshift car that enables a driver to shift gears. Acceleration Lane
Contact between two or more objects, such as when two cars crash into each other driving under the influence
Expressway that permits vehicles to enter or leave only at an interchange downshifting
Technique of applying the brakes to slow or stop quickly without locking the wheels Diamond-Shaped Sign
Brake—Putting the foot just above the brake pedal, ready to apply pressure if needed deceleration lane
Extra lane that permits drivers leaving an expressway to slow down without disrupting traffic yield right of way
Art of protecting yourself and others from dangerous and unexpected changes in the driving environment uncontrolled railway crossing
A temporary road that is used to go around road construction. adverse driving conditions
sign that indicates a warning basic speed law
shifiting from a higher to lower gear hydroplaning
A folder that lists all traffic violations that a driver has committed in every state. controlled braking
Level of intoxication in which a driver’s blood-alcohol content right of way
a ramp leading onto an expressway angle parking
a ramp leading off an expressway point of no return
A highway that has two or more lanes going each direction highway hypnosis
warns drivers where children may be present uncontrolled intersection
Red or yellow traffic light that flashes on and off to indicate stop (red) or caution median strip
technique used to assure that a driver is far enough behind the vehicle he/she is following expressway / freeway / interstate
Time required to regain clear vision after having been temporarily blinded by a strong light overdriving headlights
A sign that gives direction, distances, services, points of interest collision
Dulled or drowsy, trancelike condition caused by concentration on the highway clutch pedal
Dulled or drowsy, trancelike condition caused by concentration on the highway reaction distance
Area that separates two-way traffic on a divided, multilane highway. blow out
Stretch of roadway at the end of an acceleration lane on an expressway where cars join the expressway guide sign
Driving at a speed in which the stopping distance exceeds the area lit by the headlights blindspot
Parking with the car lined up parallel or going the same direction as the curb perpendicular parking
Distance a car travels during the time a driver sees and identifies an object ahead round signs
Parking at a right angle to the curb. defensive driving
Point beyond which a driver can no longer stop safely without entering the intersection detour
Distance the car travels during a driver’s reaction time. four second rule
Time it takes a driver to respond to a driving hazard once it has been identified. tailgating
Four-sided regulatory signs. These signs inform you of traffic laws. parallel parking
Sign that informs highway users of traffic laws or regulations perception distance
The right of one vehicle to pass in front of another vehicle including rules about who can enter an intersection .blood alcohol content
Turning right after stop when the red signal is on unless specifically prohibited rectangular shaped sign
Warn about railroad crossings. merging lane
Circular road around a center island with access to several roads safe path of travel
Path that is free of hazards and conflict. five sided sign
Open area all around a vehicle consisting of adequate following distance between it and the cars ahead and behind regulatory sign
following a car too closely glare recovery time
Total distance it takes to stop a vehicle. Total stopping distance includes perception distance, reaction distance and braking distance. reaction time
perception distance, reaction distance and braking distance. total stopping distance
Intersection at which there are no traffic control signals, signs or roadway markings to control traffic space cushion
Railroad crossing at which there are no signals or crossing gates driving record
Allow another vehicle or roadway user to proceed first. entrance ramp

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