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Acute Illness A nurse who has complete one year nursing program and has passed a licensing test
Assisted Living Residence (ALR) A person who has passed a nursing assistant training and competency evaluation program; performs delegated nursing tasks under the supervision of a licensed nurse
Board and care home The many health care workers whose skills and knowledge focus on the person's total care; interdisciplinary health care team
Chronic Illness A federal law requiring that nursing centers provide care in a manner and in a setting that maintains or improves each person's quality of life, health, and safety
Health Team A long-term care center that provides complex care for severe health problems
Hospice An illness or injury from which the person not likely recover
License practical Nurse (LPN)/License vocational Nurse (LVN) Someone who supports or promotes the needs and interests of another person
Nursing assistant A nurse who has completed a 2-, 3-, or 4-year nursing program and has passed a license test
Nursing center Complex medical care or rehabilitation when hospital care is no longer needed
Nursing team A sudden illness from which the person is expected to recover
Ombudsman A long-term care center that provides health care services to persons who need regular or continuous care; nursing facility or nursing home
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA) An on-going illness that is slow or gradual in onset; it has no known cure; it can be controlled and complications prevented with proper treatment
Registered Nurse (RN) An agency or program for persons who are dying
Skilled nursing facility (SNF) Those who provide nursing care - RNs, LPN/LVN, and nursing assistants
Subacute care Provides housing, personal care, support services, health care, and social activities in a home-like setting to persons needing help with rail activities
Terminal illness Provides a room, meals, laundry, and supervision

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