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Voc Quiz #4 Rome

1Justinian _____To use
2Theodora _____He brought Christianity to the Bizantine Empire.
3Saint _____Give emphasis or importance to something.
4Mosaic _____A sea located between Asia and Europe.
5Utilize _____Capital City of the Eastern Roman Empire.
6image _____A holy religious person.
7stress _____Powerful empress who married Justinian.
8Byzantine Empire _____A drawing, a visual or representation of something.
9Black Sea _____He was an emperor of the Byzantine Empire, he married Theodora.
10Regent _____A leader of a region.
11inflation _____Colorful piece of art developed during the Byzantine Empire.
12Barter _____To exchange goods without the use of money.
13Constantine _____When prices go up rapidly.
14Constantinople _____The Eastern Roman Empire flourished after the end of the Western Roman Empire.

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