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Chapter 11

Asepsis  An infection that develops in a person cared for in any setting where health care is given; the infection is related to receiving health care
Biohazardous waste The process of destroying all microbes
Carrier Being free of disease-producing microbes
Communicable disease A small (micro) living plant or animal (organism) seen only with a microscope; a microbe
Contamination A disease state resulting from the invasion and growth of microbes in the body
Disinfection The process of becoming unclean
Healthcare-associated infection (HAI) A microbe that does not usually cause an infection
Infection A human or animal that is a reservoir for microbes but does not have the signs and symptoms of infection
Medical asepsis Items contaminated with blood, body fluids, secretions, or excretions; bio means life, and hazardous means dangerous or harmful
Microorganism A microbe that is harmful and can cause an infection
Non-pathogen The process of destroying pathogens
Pathogen The absence of all microbes
Sterile Practice used to remove or destroy pathogens and to prevent their spread from one person or place to another person or place; clean technique
Sterilization  A disease caused by pathogens that spread easily; a contagious disease

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