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Chapter 18

Colostomy The frequent passage of liquid stools
Constipation Gas or air passed through the anus
Defecation A cone-shaped, solid drug that is inserted into a body opening; it melts at body temperature
Diarrhea The process of excreting feces from the rectum through the anus; a bowel movement
Enema Excreted feces
Fecal impaction A surgically created opening between the colon and abdominal wall
Fecal incontinence The prolonged retention and buildup of feces in the rectum
Feces The inability to control the passage of feces and gas through the anus
Flatulence A surgically created opening between the ileum and the abdominal wall
Flatus The excessive formation of gas or air in the stomach and intestines
Ileostomy A surgically created opening
Ostomy The semi-solid mass of waste products in the colon that is expelled through the anus
Stoma The introduction of fluid into the rectum and lower colon
Stool An opening
Suppository The passage of hard, dry stool

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