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Chapter 21

Abduction Bending the toes and foot up at the ankle
Adduction  The lack of joint mobility caused by abnormal shortening of a muscle
Ambulation Turning the joint
Atrophy Turning the joint outward
Contracture The act of walking
Dorsiflexion The foot is bent; bending the foot down at the ankle
Extension Moving a body part toward the midline of the body
External rotation Bending a body part
Flexion Turning the joint downward
Footdrop Straightening a body part
Hyperextension Abnormally low blood pressure when the person suddenly stands up; postural hypotension
Internal rotation Excessive straightening of a body part
Orthostatic hypotension Turning the joint inward
Plantar flexion The decrease in size or the wasting away of tissue
Pronation Turning the joint upward
Range of motion The foot falls down at the ankle; permanent plantar flexion
Rotation Moving a body part away from the midline of the body
Supination The movement of a joint to the extent possible without causing pain

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