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Chapter 24

Apnea Breathing deeply and comfortably only when sitting
Bradypnea Difficult, labored, or painful breathing
Cheyne-Strokes respiration Sitting up and leaning over a table to breathe
Dyspnea Lack or absence of breathing
Hyperventilation Very deep and rapid respirations
Hypoventilation Respirations gradually increases in rate and depth and then become shallow and slow; breathing may stop for 10 to 20 seconds
Hypoxia Rapid breathing; respirations are more than 20 per minute
Kussmaul respirations Respirations are slow, shallow, and sometimes irregular
Orthopnea Respirations are rapid and deeper than normal
Orthopneic position Slow breathing respirations are fewer than 12 per minute
Tachypnea Cells do not have enough oxygen

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