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respiratory terminology


term words

fibrosis excess of carbon dioxide in the blood
fistula below normal areterial oxygen tensions
glottis a blood clot forming in the arteries supplying the heart nuscle and blocking the proper supply to an area of the heart muscle
hemoglobin tidal volumes below normal
hemoptysis a disease or condition occurring without known cause
hemothorax low blood pressure; shock
hilum below normal body volumes
hydrothorax insufficient air exchange
hypercapnia high arterial blood pressure
hypertension body temperature above normal
hyperthermia the blue coloration of skin and mucous membranes caused by greater than 5 Gm% reduced hemoglobin
hypertorphy accumulation of fluid in the tissues
hyperventilation  below normal body temperature
hypocapnia  portion of the digestive canal between the pharynx and the stomach
hypopnea pharngeal opening of the larynx
hypotension pathological formation of fibrous tissue
hypothermia cause or origin of a disease
hypoventilation fluid in the thorax; specifically in the pleural space
hypovolemia pertains to feaver, an elevation of body temp.
hypoxemia an abnormal increase in the size of an organ
hypoxia a medicine which aids in the expulsion of mucous or exudate from the lungs, bronchi and trachea
idiopathic air trapped in lungs or tissue as a result of disease process and/or aging
infarct a globule of fat, a clot, or gas bubble circulating in the bloodstream that obstructs the blood flow
hypokalemia to remove a tube which has been inserted for the intro of air
coronary thrombosis artery blocked by an embolism
cor-pulmonale a lidlike structure that covers the entrance to the larynx
cyanosis determinationn of the nature of a disease or the disease-producing symptoms
dead space the volume of air from the nose and mouth to be terminial bronchioles that does not undergo gas exchange
diagnosis an abnormal connection of opening (tracheal-esophageal)
diaphragm labored respiration of which the patient is aware
diffuse  the dome-shaped muscles that separate the thoracic and abdominal cavity
diffusion coughing up blood
dyspnea the state of tissue oxygen deficiency
edema the transfer of gases across the alveolar capillary membrane
embolism having a foul odor
embolus dilation of the right side of the heart, secondasry to an obstructiong pulmonary disease, or to an obstruction of the pulmonary artery
emesis the blood pigment responsible for carrying oxygen
emphysema the act of vomiting
empyema an area of coagulation necrosis in a tissue due to local anemia resulting from obstruction of circulation to the area
epiglottis below normal serum potassium
esophagus scattered, covering a large area
etiology presence of blood in the pleural cavity
expectorant above normal air movement in and out of the lungs
extubate area around points of attachment with lungs
febrile below normal carbon dioxide in the blood
fetid accumulation of pus in a cavity of the body, especially in the chest

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