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Amiee Vanderbloemen

Astronomy terms and definitions for cub scouts belt loop

1. universe -A large celestial body that orbits a star and does not shine on its own.
2. star map -A huge ball of constantly exploding gases and dust, giving off light, heat and other rays. The Sun is a medium-sized star.
3. asteroid -An invisible dense region of space that has such powerful gravity that not even light can escape. Formed when a very massive star collapses.
4. moon -A small, very dense star near the end of its life when the star has run out of energy. It has collapsed but does not explode and gives off a dim, white light.
5. meteor -Small or large, rocky or metal objects orbiting the Sun. Thousands of them exist in the part of the Solar System known as the Asteroid Belt, between Mars and Jupiter.
6. comet -A natural object that orbits a planet. The ball of rock that orbits the Earth.
7. white dwarf -A large, bright red star near the end of its life which has swollen to a much larger size with its outer layers becoming a cooler red.
8. red giant -A broad, pale band of light that looks like a trail of spilled milk in the night sky and is created by millions of faint stars that form the galaxy. Contains our Sun and Solar System.
9. black hole -Dust or small chunk of rock that travels through the Earth’s atmosphere. As it falls toward earth, it burns up, making a streak of light, also known as a shooting star. Most burn up before hitting the Earth.
10. Milky Way -A chart indicating the positions of the stars and constellations.
11. galaxy -Enormous chunks of dirty, dark ice, mixed with dust and grit, which orbit around the Sun.
12. solar system -All of space and its contents of matter and energy, including all planets, galaxies and stars in existence.
13. star -A group of planets, moons, asteroids and comets orbiting around a star.
14. planet -A giant collection of millions or billions of stars, gas, dust, and matter. There are millions of galaxies in the universe.

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