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QSkills Unit 3


Review of Unit 3 Vocab

1break _____really or very
2schedule _____holding the attention, compelling
3uniform _____extremely, absolutely or to a great degreee
4vacation _____used to emphasize the extent of something
5enjoy _____to go a long time and not wear out
6last _____a timetable of planned events
7pay _____of great significance, value or authority
8relax _____not difficult
9academic _____identical clothing for a specific occupation
10boring _____irritating to nerves, causing anxiety
11busy _____to be calm, to lessen tension or restrictions
12difficult _____a rest period
13easy _____not stimulating and uninspiring
14important _____refers to having many things to do
15interesting _____a trip or time for pleasure or relaxation
16stressful _____of or relating to eduction and scholarship
17quite _____to give someone money for objects or work
18really _____take pleasure in
19very _____hard to figure out or deal with

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