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Musculoskeletal injuries


No description

Compression Fracture happens in ligaments
Tension Fracture Breaks through skin
Compound fracture Narrowing of space between vertebral joints
greenstick fracture bone bends and partially breaks
Transverse fracture fracture that muscle pulls from bone, usually in adolescents
Avulsion or Apophysial Fracture bone break at right angle
Epiphysial Fracture can create blockage of pulmonary vessel
wolff's Law a disorder of the the epiphysis
Myositis Ossificans swelling in soft tissue after fracture, puts pressure on bones
Osteomyelitis characterized by decreased bone mass
Compartmental Syndrome bone needs stress to grow
fat embolism Pannus is present
osteoarthritis may be characterized by Bouchard's nodes
rheumatoid arthritis Fracture in growth plate
osteoporosis Bone dieposits in the muscle
osteochondrosis infection in the bone or marrow
Osteogenesis imperfecta happens in tendons
Strain brittle bones
Sprain One vertebrae slips forward over the one below
Spinal Stenosis Fracture that occurs on this side of bent bone -->C
Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Facture that occurs on this side of bent bone C<--

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