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Integumentary 1,2 and Orthopaedic Conditions


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Scoliosis Vertebrae wedged anteriorly
epiphysial referring to growth plate
Idiopathic Scoliosis Scoliosis from weakness in spinal muscles
Myopathic Scoliosis bone tissue death from lack of blood
When scoliosis is Structural most common form of scoliosis
when scoliosis is Functional compensatory curve in scoliosis when rotation occurs
Radiculopathy lower leg ulcer that pain is relieved by elevation
Rib Hump May cause Plagiocephaly (face flattening)
Kyphosis full thickness skin loss,deep crater,subcutaneous tissue may be visible
Lordosis Cultural customs
Subluxation healing occurs via epithelialzation with minimal scarring
Mechanical Cause of DDH partial dislocation of joint
Physiological cause of DDH Scoliosis as a result of another factor, fixable w/ brace
Environmental Causes of DDH lateral curvature of spine
Trendlenberg Gate Lax ligaments, infant positioning in utero
Treatments of DDH clinical manifestation of ddh, waddling
Avascular Necrosis skin in tact warm swelling
Congenital Muscular Torticollis lower leg ulcer that pain is relieved by dangling
Stage I pressure ulcer wound cleaned and left open 3-5 days before closure. Delayed primary intention
Stage II pressure ulcer concealed by slough or eschar
Stage III pressure ulcer edges of wound can't be approximated, wound granulates and produces scar
Stage IV pressure ulcer partial thickness skin loss , clear blister
Unstageable pressure ulcer Vertebrae wedged posteriorly
Suspected Deep Tissue pressure ulcer ulcer through all skin layers to the muscle or bone
Venous Ulcer Scoliosis symptom that is radiating pain
Arterial Ulcer Most painful burn
Neuropathic Ulcer one example is stitching up of a surgical incision
partial thickness burn Hormonal
full thickness burn wound heals itself
Superficial wound healing Spica Cast, pavlik harness
Partial thickness wound healing skin purple,intact, mushy, boggy, painful, can be hot or cold
Primary Intention wound healing burn that destroys epidermis and dermis
Secondary Intention wound healing Scoliosis curved is fixed, requires surgery
Tertiary Intention wound healing Usually caused by diabetes

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