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ECC quiz 2

Jackie Boreland

Study guide

1Atelierista _____a special area or studio for creating projects
2Atelier _____ A federal program that provides financial assistance to SCHOOLS with a large number of poor and low achieving children to make sure children meet achievement standards.
3High Scope _____the person who started Georgia’s Lottery Funded Pre-
4Reggio Emilia _____comprehensive out-of-home care and education of children that supplements the care and education children receive from their families
5Loris Malaguzzi _____regulate all child care programs in Georgia including licensed child care centers and home childcare centers of Georgia. It also manages quality enhancement programs.
6The hundred languages  _____an in-depth investigation of a topic worth learning more
7Project Approach _____The poem written by Loris Malaguzzi
8Child Care _____home-based care and education provided by a nonrelative outside of the child’s home
9Proprietary Child Care _____businesses that open a daycare with the purpose of making a profit.
10Family Child Care _____The founder of the Montissori program
11Employer Sponsored Child Care _____A federal law passed in 2001 that has signifcantly influenced early childhood education; mandates standards for what children should know and encourages schools to use teaching that are effective
12Lyndon Johnson _____a city in northern Italy known for its approach for educating young children
13Early Head Start _____A federal program designed to provide educational/other services to children and families who earn income in agricultural work.
14Migrant and Seasonal Head Start _____a program for children from (0-3) and helps women that are pregnant to get education for their children before they’re born
15Head Start Eligibility Criteria _____Federal program that provides free and reduced lunch to low income families and it promotes healthy food choices with fruits and vegetables
16No Child Left Behind (NCLB) _____a teacher trained in the visual arts, who works with teachers and children
17School Lunch Program _____The person who started the Head Start program in 1965 so that children could develop educational skills like math and English before they start school
18Fatherhood Initiative _____Must be 3 - 5 years old and must be below the income criteria set by the Dept of Health and Human Services. Also a percentage has to include children with disabilities.
19Title I _____a child care center provided by employers; parents can visit their children while at work
20Zell Miller _____to support and strengthen the roles of fathers in raising their children. The department of families and children promote their involvement .
21Bright Start _____A program for young children based on the ideas of Vygotsky and

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