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David Herbert

Fun game for ESU MD during customer service week!

Married to another ESU associate. Is a fisherman who also collect guns and shoots random vegetables with them.  Brian Hagerman
Also is a network advisor of bees and oversees the production of the sweet nectar we call honey Bob Mika
Owns horses and barrel races with family on the weekends Don Roberts
Is co-founder of a production company that hosts weekend activities for the community and small businesses Bill Rogers
Owns an avocado orchard, harvests them to sell to local retailers Bryce Mills
Owns a motor home and travels, recently to see his new grand daughter. Has been known to shoot clay targets as well Al Geisendorff
Enjoys deer hunting, home restoration and gardening Steadman Christian
Races kayaks competitively Frank Pintado
Runs marathons and referees lacrosse Engman Ng
This MDCA worked for Allstate for about 20 years Doug Lange
This question is here to throw you off :o) Tina Coffman
This question is also here to throw you off :o) John DeNaro

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