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available filled with resentment or anger over something unjust, unworthy, or mean
cater a lack of interest or concern
customary usual, expected, routine
dissuade to satisfy the needs of, trying to make things easy and pleasant, to supply food and service
entrepreneur a piece of burning wood, a troublemaker, an extremely energetic or emotional person
firebrand to throw a stream of things; to strike sucessively; to hurry
hazard an easily spread disease causing a large number of deaths; a widespread evil,to annoy or bother
homicide to apply oil or grease; to make smooth, slippery or easier to use
indifference ballanced, suspended; calm, controlled; ready for action
indignant a government in power; a form or system of rule or management; a period of rule
indispensable a person wo starts up and takes on the risk of a business
lubricate risk, peril,to expose to danger or harm; to gamble
mutual wholly unharmed, not injured
pelt absolutely necessary, not to be neglected
plague the killing of one person by another
poised ready to use, at hand
regime to make slow, delay, hold back
retard to persuade not to do something
transparent shared, felt, or shown equally by two or more
unscathed allowing light to pass through; easily recognized or understood; easily seen through or detected

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