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Gender differences


Match each term with its appropriate description.

1Avoiding Sterotypes _____Howard Gardner brought nontraditional kinds of intelligence and skill to teachers' attention years ago but with the new back-to-basics focus, some important domains have been forgotten.
2Appreciate the range of intelligences _____the most overlooked nontraditional abilities in the curriculum.
3Strengthen spatial awareness _____Both sexes need more physical exercise, and both need to be comfortable blending competition and cooperation.
4Engage boys with the word _____unmasuline to join a club if number of boys falls below 25 percent
5Recruit boys into nonathletic extracurricular activities _____"Language in = Language out"
6Bring more men into the classroom _____Teachers should be trained about potential bias and then be evaluated on if they respect it.
7Treat teacher bias seriously _____The number of male teachers in elementary school has declined precipitously since the 1980s.

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