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Unit 5 vocab

accost  unlucky
acrimonious aware
adverse  without the power to move
advocate scoff, mock, jeer, show contempt
affluent  friendly
amicable  absorbed, occupied completely
aspirant to fool
asset  obvious, conspicuous, offensive
astute famous for the wrong reasons
bigots  harsh, shrill
blatant  wealthy
castigate  hard to grasp
caustic sad, melancholy
chagrin secret
clandestine  huge, massive
cognizant  avoid
confidant  the first of its kind,
consternation  outstanding, prominent
discern  secret
distraught  something of value
doleful one in whom you confide
dupe bitter, caustic, biting
eat humble pie  group of attendants, fans
elusive concern, dread, dismay
eminent brave
engrossed  biting, stinging, burning
entourage  intense pain, agonizing
eschew  :stormy, harsh
ethics to get money by threat
euphemism  narrow minded
exacerbate codes of behavior
excruciating  to approach and speak to
extortion  cannot be pacified
feasible  one who speaks or write for a cause
fiasco  to be aware
flagrant  simple, childlike
flash in the pan  to ask for forgiveness
flout  deadly, likely to cause death
fretful  a disappointment
furtive  :beg
hapless  one who strives for a position
harass  shrewd, perceptive V
harbinger  to throw in between
histrionics  reluctant
imminent  worrisome
implacable  crazed, absent minded, worried
implore reproof, criticize, punish
impresario  organizer of a series of events
inclement poor
indigent   :make worse
inert  unfavorable, harmful
infamous  chew
interject  about to happen, threatening
intrepid  possible, plausible
jurisdiction  arena of authority
loathe  to bother, annoy
malignant  embarrassment
masticate  a complete failure
monolithic  to pull a fit to gain an advantage
naive  less offensive term

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